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kiseki_rp's Journal

Kiseki RP ~ A JMusic RP
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Welcome to Tokyo. Here everyone is trying to find their place in the city. Many flock to the city to gain stardom. Recently, a powerful record company, Kiseki Records, has announced a yearly rock festival that will feature new JRock talents. Welcome to the world of a JRocker. You will create your bands, you will gain new friends, and you will try to impress fans and agents to earn your rightful place at the C.K. Festival! Can you and your friends survive?

How the RP will work
1. To be considered a band, you must have a singer, a drummer, and a least one guitarist. However, it looks bad to have no bass player. You can be a solo artist, if you desire. However, you can also join a band too, if your character is really a solo artist in real life.
2. You can create a band of mixed members, like Reita could be a part of Kagrra, and Nao could be part of Gazette.
3. You can move your character to a different band, if your character has a disagreement or something like that with the other members of the band. For example, Reita and Nao could decide to take each others place in the bands, if Reita, for some reason had a disagreement with Isshi.
4. You advertise for band members at the kiosk. However, you can recruit band members through RPs and logs.
5. Once you have a band, you can start touring. To apply for tours, you have to audition. To read more about auditions, click here.
6. Once you pass auditions, word of mouth will spread about your band. You’ll be given a list of small shows your band will be expected to play. You’ll be given at least three shows. After at least the two shows, you’ll be qualified to apply for the festival. You can always apply for more shows!
7. Shows will contain NPC, which will be played by mods. They can also feature other bands who can come to look at the competition. You want to impress the crowd, so put on a good show. Logs and RPs of shows are encouraged to have a pre-show (what happens backstage before the show), the concert, and the post-show (what happens backstage after the show).

When posting a log or RP...please use this format:

Subject title: (Open/Close/Private...is the RP open to all characters or is it private to just a few? Closed means it is complete.)

RP Rules
1. ALWAYS, be nice to your fellow RPers. Keep everything IC. Don’t bring OOC problems to the RP. If you need to talk to a mod, please e-mail them.
2. No god-modding.
3. Write in past tense on RPs and in first person for personal LJs.
4. For now, there will be a two character limit. You can only apply for one bandmember of a band. We don't want someone applying for Isshi and Nao....
5. Friend-lock all character LJ posts and posts on the RP.
6. Put “Carmel Town” in the subject line of your application, so we know you have read the rules!
7. Once you have been approved, friend and join kiseki_rp, kiseki_ooc, and kiseki_town with your character's journal.

- Taken Characters
- The Application (Please, make sure you have read the rules, and best of luck!)

Things to help you...
- Questions: Do you have a question (even if you're not a member)? Feel free to post it here!
- Popular locations: These aren't the only places that you can RP, but these are the "hotspots" around town. Descriptions are provided.
- Auditions FAQ: Learn more about the audition process.
- Contact the mods: Have a question, please feel free to contact us!
- Friend add: Once you're a member, add other members as friends with ease.
- Affiliates: Here is the list of our affiliates. Feel free to become one!

This is just a RP. All locations are made up...none of this is real. Just fans expressing our love for a fandom.